Fatal Cycle Accident Claims

Fatal Cycle Accident Claims

We are experts in fatal motorbike claims and fatal cyclist claims.  Both bikers and cyclists are frequently involved in fatal road accidents due to their vulnerability and reduced protection compared with motor vehicles and lorries.  The likelihood of serious life changing injuries or death are far greater if you are a biker or cyclist.  Our expertise in dealing with fatal road accidents to both bikers and cyclists span over 27 years. Certainly, during recent years there has been an increase in cycle fatalities especially in large urban Cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds & Liverpool.  Certainly London cycle deaths are on the increase.

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Motor & Cycling Deaths

Cyclists are likely to be killed on a bike than any other means of transport. 80% of cycle accidents claims are as a result of the fault of the motorist or lorry driver. The consequences of fatal road accident are devastating. Fatal Motorcycle accident claims occur frequently often resulting in death on UK roads. As a motorcycle rider you are 40+ times more likely to be killed than car drivers or passengers.

Fatal Motorbike Accident Claims

We do understand that compensation following a fatal cycle road accident is often a secondary thought, but making a claim helps maintain financial stability and relieve the financial worry and stress that comes with losing a bread-winning spouse or partner.

Fatal Cycle Accident Death Claims

No Win, No Fee, No Worry

Once you have considered and thought about taking legal advice the next thing to consider is the costs of instructing a solicitor that specialise in fatal cycling road accidents.

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You can be assured that the family and or the dependents of the deceased who instruct us will not have to worry about their legal costs as we operate under a No Win, No Fee basis.  At least there is one thing less to worry about.

What About When You Win?

Due to a change of the law, if you WIN your claim  you may have to pay up to 25% of your compensation to your solicitors.  So if you were awarded, say £50,000 you may have to pay your cycle injury solicitors £12,500 leaving you with only £37,500.

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It can be expensive if you instruct a solicitor who charges a large success fee if you win.  For our part, if you instruct us, you have the ability to keep 100% of the fatal accident compensation award. Please contact us for further details.

Compassionate Expert Solicitor Advice

We can help you to recover compensation for the dependents and help get to the truth of what happened whilst providing a compassionate service that takes into account your individual needs and concerns in addition to any other dependents and interested persons.

Help when you really need us most

In such a tragic time as a fatal accident, our cycle accident solicitors appreciate that compensation for a motorbike or cycling fatal accident is secondary to the grieving process and to find out what happened.

Fatal Motorbike Accident Claims

Following the heartbreak, legal issues tend to become prominent to help get to the truth and a form of justice. The financial stress also plays a part especially if the “bread-winner” is killed following a fatal motorbike accident or fatal cycle accident claim. This is where specialist injury claim solicitors can help the family in this most difficult time.

Fatal Cycle Accident Death Claims

As fatal accident claim solicitors we shall help every step of the way from dealing with the police to  coroner and inquest hearings. In the meantime, if the opponent admits fault to the fatal accident claim, we can then arrange for interim compensation payments to help with the bills that do not stop following a fatal accident.

Fatal Accident Solicitors Inquest Hearing Support Service

The duty of a Coroner and what happens at an Inquest has, for many, been a mystery. A sudden and unexpected death following a cycle fatal accident claims is a personal tragedy and grief that makes understanding the process that much more difficult. As sympathetic expert inquest and bike fatal accident solicitor will help you through this traumatic event every step of the way. By providing that helps relieve the financial worry and stress of family members who need assistance.

Attending an Inquest/Coroner

Family members & dependents require legal assistance to help explain to them the legal implications of an Inquest hearing/Coroner’s Hearing following a fatal accident as well as providing them with practical advice, for instance, whether a death certificate can be obtained to deal with the estate pending the verdict.

Contact Us Now – Don’t Leave It Too Late

There are time limits that apply to make a fatal accident claim so please do not leave it late. If you are reading this website to help a family member or friend who has not yet obtain advice you can contact us to discuss options.  Whatever the circumstances, contact us.

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