Fatal accident notices posted on Facebook

Fatal accident notices posted on Facebook

The power of social medial especially Facebook continues to surprise how we live and react with family, friend and the world.

In a recent study by The Co-Op Funeral care say that they found that one in eight adults now announce a death on Facebook including tributes and condolences.

It is reported in the study that a quarter of Facebook users say that they would not have known that someone had died if it was not for social media announcements.

Fatal Accident Claims

The importance of social media is that announcements of a death will as a result of a fatal accident claim for compensation..  This could be for instance:

Social media accounts have an import an part to play and could even help trace witnesses to the accident.

Most people use social media to advise of a death because its the quickest way to notify everyone and perhaps to those who are most affected by the death the less hurtful way to explain over and over again the death of a loved one to the deceased’s many friends and family.

Two fitfths posted to express how they felt about the loss and a quarter said that an online update was the only and or best way they could let some people know.


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Posted: April 11, 2017 at 9:08 am

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