24 Year Old Died in Fatal Car Accident

24 Year Old Died in Fatal Car Accident

It is believed the deceased was on the way home from an acting class when she overtook a car on a dark road and unfortunately crashed into a tree.

The deceased was travelling in her Peugeot 206, approaching a long stretch of road which was painted with solid white lines forbidding overtaking when she did not see a Fiat Panda travelling towards her until it was too late, she then swerved back across to her side of the road before colliding with a tree.

Emergency services was called but the deceased was trapped in the car, which resulted in her to die at the scene of the accident.

An inquest took place which heard that she sadly lost her life due to multiple injuries.

No Win No Fee No Solicitors

Nobody can put a cost on the death of a loved one following a fatal road traffic accident, the personal tragedy, pain and suffering is unexplainable.

At R James Hutcheon Solicitors we do understand that compensation is often a secondary thought but making a claim helps maintain financial stability and relieve the financial worry and stress that comes with losing a loved one.

Posted: October 29, 2015 at 9:24 pm