Compensation for death by careless driving

Compensation for death by careless driving

It is hoped that the new laws that are likely to be introduced by the Government will be a deterrent to drives across the UK who drive their cars carelessly or dangerously and cause serious life changing injuries or death in a road accident.

Dominic Raab head of the Government legal department has been looking at the gap between the devastation to families who have lost a loved and the punishment offered sometimes with a conditional discharge makes sense of justice remote.

The New Law – Causing Death by Careless Driving

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Drivers who cause death by careless driving may now face a tougher sentence. Compensation following the death for the loved ones left behind is s secondary thought but an important aspect of closure to the relatives especially where the deceased was the main bread-winner.

When someone dies due to a fatal car accident the bills just don’t stop.  They keep on coming and debts can build up. Drivers who cause the death by dangerous driving while using their

What offences can give rise to causing death by careless driving?

The new sentence for compensation for death by careless driving will reflect the seriousness of the offence, punishable by imprisonment.


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Posted: October 25, 2017 at 11:00 am