43-year-old died due to fatal accident at work.

43-year-old died due to fatal accident at work.

Fatal accident at work claims

It is believed the worker was trying to cool down the fabrication room at his place of work, were he was employed to produce shop signs when he climbed onto a flat roof of the factory to cover up skylights with black-out vinyl because the heat was getting unbearable.

Unfortunately, the deceased sadly fell 30ft through a skylight which he was in process of covering up and landed on the concrete factory floor behind a good work colleague.

The colleague advised an investigator that at the time of the accident he was working at his work bench when he heard “smashing glass” he then looked up to the sky light and was unsure what happened when he seen the deceased on the floor and comforted him as much as he could.

A post-mortem revealed that the deceased died to accidental death caused by multiple injuries to his head, back and multiple fractures to his body.


Compensation for fatal accidents at work-Solicitors advice

Safety of all employees in the work place is a priority to prevent a fatal or serious work place accidents. The Health and safety of the workforce is paramount.

The dependants and family of the deceased should make sure that they receive specialist legal advice from qualified fatal work accident solicitors to consider submitting a fatal accident at work claims on behalf of the deceased.

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Posted: January 16, 2016 at 3:19 pm