5 of the Top Most Dangerous Professions in the UK

Have you ever wondered what job professions are the most dangerous to work for in the UK? In this article, we will explore that very question!

Fatal accidents at work can happen in any working situation, even in the most innocuous environments such as that of the typical office space. However, there are certain types of jobs and industries where the risk of serious accidents or injuries increases significantly. Below we will provide a rundown of some of the top five most dangerous professions in the UK.

1 – Construction

We have to start with an obvious answer and what is clearly a hazardous environment… the construction industry! Whether you are a builder, scaffolder, surveyor, or another type of worker in this sector, there are several potential dangers to look out for. Construction work is typically a very complex job that requires specialised personnel, suitable equipment and appropriate safety measures. Working with a range of heavy materials and unfinished structures raises a series of unique challenges. For projects with multiple storeys, one of the common risks is the possibility of falling from a height.

2 – Farming

You might not have initially thought of this answer, but when it comes to annual statistics for industries with the most accidents, the farming industry is usually right up there. Those working in agriculture will usually work with heavy machinery and large vehicles which can pose a serious threat to your life. As with the construction sector, there’s also the risk of injury when working at height. And let’s not forget about the animals! The behaviour of animals, no matter how small or large, can be unpredictable and may lead to a serious accident, especially if the employee is untrained.

3 – Transportation

Any job that involves the use of a vehicle for work purposes, whether a lorry driver or a bus driver, comes with a host of unique hazards. In most cases, jobs such as this require additional training and qualifications. Large vehicles are significantly more challenging to drive than a standard four-wheel car, so it can be a difficult task for drivers to switch between the two. Driving jobs may often involve long hours of work, so if tiredness or a lack of concentration creeps in, the driver could lose control of the vehicle. Not to mention these types of jobs usually involve spending most of your time on busy and hazardous roads like the motorway.

4 – Manufacturing

Whenever you research statistics for the top workplace accidents, the manufacturing industry is another sector that will usually be in one of the top positions. Working in the manufacturing industry involves making a range of goods on a large scale in a potentially dangerous setting. The job can be completed either via your own hands or with the use of machinery. Accidents here can include incidents that involve machinery and being exposed to hazardous substances.

5 – Waste Collection

If collecting and disposing of household waste doesn’t already sound like a horrible task to you, what about the risk of a serious accident? First of all, waste collectors are coming into contact with rubbish bags that could contain anything. Hazardous items could include sharp materials, electrical equipment, harmful bacteria, needles, and so on. If the binbag breaks, then this can create all kinds of dangerous issues. Other hazards that waste collectors may encounter include slips and trips, machinery incidents, and being struck by other vehicles.

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Posted: February 1, 2021 at 8:12 pm