52 Year Old Dies from Forklift Accident

52 Year Old Dies from Forklift Accident

The deceased, 52-years-old died due to his forklift truck being knocked over by a heavy goods vehicle.

It is believed the deceased works for a well-known distributor when he was working in the factory at the time of the accident which consisted of him picking goods from pallets and putting them into a HGV lorry in order for it to be delivered to supermarkets.

The deceased was in process of loading goods onto the lorry when the truck rolled back causing the deceased to be crushed on the forklift truck which he was operating at the time of the accident.

An investigation took place were it was found that there was no horns fitted into the forklift truck which could of prevented the accident and near misses in the past was not reported which is explained as an “fatal accident at work waiting to happen”.

At the coroners court inquest it was found the deceased died of crush asphyxia.

It is believed the company has been fined £20,000 and ordered to pay the council £199,943 in costs.

Fatal Accident at Work Claims

Currently there is nothing we can do about such tragic and heart breaking events that occur at our workplace. Bereaved families are left to pick up the pieces.  As fatal accident at work claims solicitors we will help you uncover the truth, speaking and liaising with the police and the Coroner.  If need be, to obtain expert evidence to establish the cause of the death and ultimately the truth.  Thereafter this is the issue of compensation.  Yes no about of compensation will ever be enough but that is the only thing that society has to offer the bereaved families following such tragic circumstances.  Even here the amount of bereavement in our respectful view is truly pitiful, currently called a bereavement award.  For more information on how much “life is worth” please click here bereavement award following a fatal accident at work.

Posted: February 8, 2016 at 11:25 am