A building collapsed causing 51 fatals

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A fatal accident claim, left 51 people dead when the roof of a supermarket fell in. Officials said at least 25 more people are trapped in the rubble and hope is fading. More than 100 people were in the building when it fell at 5:45pm.

Emergency services are trying to clear the concrete and other building materials in hope to save more people.

Three firefighters who rushed to the seen to help victims also died in the secondary collapse. Witnesses said it was a terrifying experience, slabs of concrete, wires, metal and glass all fell then the building went dark.

It was also said that escape exits where blocked by electronic gates. More than 35 people were injured, 28 where hospitalised including 10 firefighters. 200 firefighters stayed on the scene.

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Posted: May 21, 2014 at 8:06 am