Agency Worker Died Due to Machinery at Work

Agency Worker Died Due to Machinery at Work

It is believed the 47-year-old deceased who was an agency worker at the time of the accident died as a result of this accident at work.

The company who the worker was working for at the time of the accident supplied high-strength bar and cable systems, which resulted in the worker being in the factory at the time of the accident.

It is believed at the time of the accident the deceased was working on a machine which was used to apply adhesive tape to bars to stop corrosion when his clothing got caught in the machinery resulting in him being dragged into the machine and suffering fatal crush injuries.

An inquest heard that the worker had only been working there three weeks before the accident occurred and he was still training so he should not of been left unattended.


Fatal Accident at Work Compensation

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Compensation for fatal accident at work; Statistics show that there are approximately 152 fatal accidents at work a year for workers/employees who are carrying out their jobs.

Employers are under a duty to provide a safe working environment.  Fatal accidents at work are on obvious hazard that employers must safeguard against. All employers must ensure that the place of work is safe for all employees. They must provide any saftey equipment, clothing, breathing apparatus etc to protect employees who are undertaking work that may cause them harm.  Working at heights is an obvious danger and employers must provide not only the relevant safety equipment, but also training.

Fatal Accident Claims Compensation Guide

Here at R James Hutcheon solicitors we understand that loss of a loved one can cause pain, grief and suffering and that no amount of compensation can recover this loss. However, the award of compensation for fatal accident at work can help with the stress loved ones still having to pay the mortgage and bills such as funeral costs, loan repayments and general household expenses. A bereavement award can also be awarded to the deceased’s Spouse or Parents. For your information we have set up a fatal accident compensation guide. Anyone needing any more information please contact us Fatal Accident Claim Solicitor.

Posted: October 23, 2015 at 9:51 am