Bereavement award – fatal accident claims

Bereavement award – fatal accident claims

We are asked simply out of curiosity and as part of a tragic loss of life due to a accident.  A bereavement award is commonly payable where a close family member loses the life of a loved one.  The  amount payable is a poultry £12,980. Primarily this is due in the following type of accidents:

Fatal accident claims – compensation death by dangerous driving

Fatal accident claims – compensation death by careless driving

Fatal accident claims – compensation death in car accident

Fatal accident claims – compensation death in cycle accident

Fatal accident claims – compensation death in motorbike accident

Fatal accident claims  – compensation accident at work

Child dependency fatal accidents
What is a bereavement award?



Our non-legal definition of a bereavement award:

‘A bereavement award is made following the death of a person involved in an accident or illness due to the fault, in whole, or in part, by another.  A bereavement award may be in addition to other claims the “next of kin” may claim.  Fatal accident compensation for a bereavement award is an amount of compensation simply to serve as a recognition of grief and a financial token or public recognition that the death was wrongful.’

Who is entitled to a bereavement award?

There is a limited class of close family members who can claim.

  1. Surviving spouse of the deceased, including now surviving civil partner.
  2. Parents of child, providing child at the time of death is under 18 years.

That is about it.  Surprisingly a child cannot claim any bereavement award for the loss of his or her parent(s), guardian or grandparent who may have been the primary carer at the time of the tragic death of the adult.  Absolute nonsense and totally unjust.

Fatal Accidents Act 1976

The statutory provision for payment of a bereavement award is found under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 a rather old an unjust piece of law, made by the Government.

It is for the Government to change the law but under the Conservatives, this looks remote.  In fact quite the opposite.

For more information please also see our Fatal Accidents claims guide.

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Posted: October 28, 2017 at 9:00 pm