Brief Guide to Compensation

Brief Claim Guide to Compensation

Fatal Accident Compensation Advice:

Who can claim?
•    Widow/Widower
•    Deceased’s children / parents
•    A fatal accident claim on behalf of the deceased can also be made if the deceased would have been able to claim compensation himself/herself at the time of death

Depending on the circumstances of the fatal accident claim can be made for:
•    The injuries of the loved one who died, if he or she was conscious of pain before death
•    Funeral expenses
•    Statutory bereavement damages
•    Loss of financial dependency – which means a loss of the financial contribution of the deceased to the household
•    Loss of non-financial dependency. This can include things like DIY and other help around the house which the deceased used to provide to his or her family.

Statutory Bereavement award following a fatal injury:
•    Standard bereavement award is £12,980.
•    This is awarded when someone dies as a result of an accident due to the fault of another.
•    The bereavement award in Scotland is not a set figure; it can vary from case to case depending on the circumstances. This can result in much higher awards being granted to represent the value of life lost more suitably than merely just a standard figure of £12,980.

Analysis of Fatal Accident Compensation

The benchmark figure of £12,980 for a bereavement award seems an incredibly underwhelming and frankly upsetting value of life. This financial award is only granted to a surviving partner/civil partner, or parents if their child is younger than 18.

The strict restrictions placed upon this area of Law underlines the contempt in which the Law seems to value the lives of its people.

Further compensation can be claimed for, yet because of a combination of a trend of low payment figures and small prison sentences for the defendant, many of these cases can leave a claimant feeling as if they are being denied true justice because of the attitude of the Law.

No Win, No Fee, Help & Advice For Families

At R James Hutcheon Solicitors we can guarantee that we will do our upmost to reassure and fully support a close family member who has suffered the bereavement of a loved one who they were dependant upon and is looking to pursue a fatal accident compensation claim. We will look to ensure that the unfair nature of this area of Law in particular does not result in our client’s feeling abandoned. Our work will help mitigate the effects of such an unjust concept to help obtain maximum compensation for the fatal injury and losses that will arise as a result of the tragic loss.

Contact us now the fatal accident claim solicitors, we work under a no win no fee solicitor service so you have no financial worries in contacting us.


Posted: July 15, 2016 at 1:53 pm