Carbon Dioxide Deaths on Private Boat

Two more suspected carbon dioxide tragic deaths have been reported over this bank holiday weekend involving an adult woman and a young child whilst on a boat trip in the Lake District. The fatal accidents have been reported in the national press and on BBC Breakfast TV this morning. In the Times it was reported that there has been an increase in a number of carbon monoxide deaths on boats in recent years where carbon monoxide can build up in boat cabins through exhaust fumes from a boat’s generator or engine which may become trapped due to blocked ventilation or a short supply of air.

Furthermore on BBC Breakfast TV this morning there was a spokesperson who also reported a number of carbon monoxide deaths on camping sites where people have used a barbeque inside the tent. Apparently fossil fuels can lead to the escape of carbon monoxide causing a fatal accident.

Compensation for Carbon Monoxide and Fatal Accidents Solicitors

Anyone who has been affected by a fatal accident involving the escape carbon monoxide please ensure that they obtain specialist legal advice from fatal accident solicitors who specialises in this area and are able to deal with the complexities of the claim on behalf of the deceased and also dependents.

Posted: April 2, 2013 at 6:07 pm