Carbon Monoxide Fumes – Fatal Accidents

Carbon Monoxide Fumes – Fatal Accidents

In a previous article fatal accident solicitor referred to the tragic deaths of two bodies and a dog that were found on the Norfolk Broads.

The 20ft boat was sealed off whilst further investigations were underway to establish the cause of their deaths.

The current thinking, but is must be stressed that it is early days of the investigation, but revealed in the Times News Paper that the unexplained deaths may have been due to the escape of carbon monoxide the deadly silent killer.  The fumes cannot be detected by the sense of smell or taste and is invisible to the naked eye.

Police believe that they may have been overcome by carbon monoxide fumes from the boat’s engine, a gas heater or a barbecue, but other causes of death have not been ruled out.

Carbon Monoxide Fumes and Compensation Claims

Whilst deaths are uncommon if you have been affected by this story please contact us for independent legal advice.  No matter how small your query or trivial we may be able to help you or put you in the right direction.

We have been successful and obtain compensation for a widow whose husband was killed by the escape of carbon monoxide from a gas cooker which proved to be faulty by the manufacture.


Posted: June 13, 2016 at 6:02 pm