Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Fatal Injury Claims

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Fatal Injury Claims

Once again the deadly silent killer may have taken more lives.  It has been reported that two adults and a dog have been found on the Norfolk Broads.

The emergency services were called to the boat in the afternoon as the craft was said to be moored for some time without any signs of activity.

Police had discovered the deaths and they are being treated as ‘unexplained.’  Investigations are now underway to discover the cause of the deaths.

In an article on the press it refers to the Canal & River Trust and Environment Agency that warns boaters die each year or are seriously ill by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Boats are built to keep water out, but this also makes them good containers for gasses and fumes’ the scheme said.

Similar Carbon Monoxide Deaths on a Boat 2013

This story if proven that the fatal deaths were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning in 2013 when a 36 year old lady and her 10 year old datugher tragically died in their sleep on a boat when over-come by the escape of carbon monoxide fumes.   Her partner who was a gas fitter was charged and convicted of manslaughter after installing a modified generator on the boat.








Posted: June 11, 2016 at 5:00 pm