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Frankie Murphy Inquest Liverpool 26.06.19

The Inquest of Frankie Gary Murphy

The Inquest was held following the tragic death of a young boy just 13 years of age who sadly lost his life on Liverpool Road, Page Moss , when his bike was hit by a car shortly after 5pm on October 24, 2016.

Our Principal Solicitor who attended the Inquest, at South Sefton Magistrates Court, Bootle, Liverpool, Ronnie Hutcheon, represented the family.

Whilst the hearing has been reported extensively by the Local Liverpool Paper, The Echo  nevertheless an Inquest can only provide a verdict on certain facts but a robust cross-examination of the witnesses is not permitted.  Thus the verdict at Inquest Hearings may not always get to the detail that is required in criminal or civil proceedings.

A statement on behalf of the family, was read out to the Echo Journalist as hereunder:

A statement from solicitor Ronnie Hutcheon, on behalf of Frankie’s family, said:

“As solicitor for the family of Frankie Murphy I would like to acknowledge the composure and dignity of the family throughout the hearing despite the deep hurt and emotional distress caused by their loss of Frankie.

“The family appreciate the limitations that the coroner can decide, the evidence he can hear and the nature of verdict that can be handed down.

“Frankie Murphy’s family and legal team will take time to reflect upon the evidence and decide if further action will be taken through the civil courts.

“The family would like to express that Frankie was the life and soul of the family and will always be missed and loved by everyone left behind.”

Inquest Hearings Law and Procedure

Attending Inquest Hearings, Liverpool can be a daunting experience on behalf of bereaved families who are already suffering following the death of a loved one.  For further reading on What happens at an Inquest or Coroner’s Court‘ please click on the link.

To deal with the legal complexities that follow, talking to the Coroner, the Police, pathologist, dealing with the paper-work etc and bills are just one of many factors.

We can help all families who suffer from a bereavement due to an accident where someone else may be to blame.  Please contact Ronnie Hutcheon, specialist fatal accident solicitors.


53 Year Old Dies in Fatal Accident in Liverpool

53 Year Old Dies in Fatal Accident in Liverpool

Tragically there has been another local fatal car accident in Liverpool. The accident details are reported in the Local Liverpool Echo.

Our deepest condolences are to the family of those affected at this most difficult time.

The Liverpool Echo reports:

“Emergency services were called at around 2.15am to reports a black Mercedes car had been in collision with a stationary HGV on Moorgate Road.

“The 53-year-old male driver of the car was taken to hospital but later died from his injuries.

“Next of kin have been informed and formal identification has taken place.”

If you have any information about this indcident you can contact the Matrix Roads Policing on 0151 777 5747 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Fatal Road Accidents

The most common fatal accident claims comes from those who have been involved in a road accident.  The legal issues can be complex in the form of liability (negligence) that is who is at fault for the accident and what damages (compensation) that can be claimed?

For expert help or just an enquiry on what to do following a fatal accident, no matter how small the enquiry please contact us.

Mini Bus Fatal Accident Horror

Mini Bus Fatal Accident Horror

Tragically eight people were killed in an horrific fatal accident in Buckinghamshire on the M1. It is reported that the mini bus had been crushed by two lorries.  The fatal accident also injured four.

Tributes were published in the Guardian news paper to the mini bus driver and passengers.  For further reading please visit the following link:

Guardian – Tributes mini bus driver – fatal accident


Fatal Accident Claims Investigation

Fatal accident claims investigation

The police and emergency services are naturally making the appropriate investigations.  Thames Valley police have arrested two of the drivers involved.  There is a possibility that charges may relate to causing Death by Dangerous Driving.  A lesser charge is  often called death by careless driving.

It is not wise to speculate however in such tragic events.

Fatal Road Accident Solicitors

Our deepest condolences go out to all those affected and those those who were injured, their family and friends.

For anyone who has been affected and require help we have put together a fatal accident claims guide, please click on that link.

Contact Fatal Accident Solicitors

Fatal Car Accident Compensation

Fatal Car Accident Compensation

There has never come at time when you need a specialist Solicitor who deals with fatal car accident compensation claims.  The legal complexities and facts of the car can be complex and demanding.

With years of experience, fatal accident claim solicitors have been helping bereaved families cope with the legal paper-work, fact finding and providing answers to what happened on that fateful day.


Fatal road accident claims

Fatal Car Accident Compensation

We understand that when investigating a fatal car accident claim, it is not about the compensation.  Far from it.  It is getting to the truth, discovering who was at fault and why.  If there is blame and counter-blame this adds to unnecessary stress and anxiety.  However, we will help you and the entire family get to the truth and undertake all the necessary paper-work that is necessary to process the claim and to fact find.

Contact Fatal Accident Claims Solicitors

We are here to help you every step of the way.  Contact us now for expert advice and assistance.

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Three teenagers killed fatal car accident

Three teenagers killed fatal car accidents

It is reported that sadly three teenagers have lost their lives when a vehicle they were traveling in left the road and hit a tree on Sunday.

A couple were reported to have died, aged only 19 years and 18 years and a friend of the couple.  A further passenger was also seriously injured.

Fatal Accident Claims Investigation

The families of the deceased are all said to be heart broken.

The police are still in the early stages of investigation and are appealing for witnesses.

Fatal Car Accident Claims

It is with regret that yet again another fatal road traffic accident has taken the lives of three young teenagers.  Such tragic consequences are difficult for all the loved ones left behind.

Anybody in need of legal support and assistance and have been affected in similar circumstances should contact fatal accident solicitors.  The legal and factual issues can be complex in such cases and we are hear to help guide you through the process, at every step, including Inquest, investigations and legal remedies.

We are dealing with many tragic fatal road traffic accident claims and experienced solicitors are here for support.




Facebook fatal car accident claims

Facebook fatal car accident claims

There are greater penalties for using your mobile phone whilst driving and for good reason. A recent tragic case refers.  A woman was reported to be on the social media site Facebook when she failed to appreciate that the vehicles in front of her were stationary and stuck the vehicle immediately in front of her causing a fatal car accident claim.

Fatal road accident claims
Fatal car accident claims

Dangerous Driving and Causing Serious Injuries

The driver using Facebook at the time pleaded guilty to causing the death of the occupant in the vehicle in front and causing serious injury to the deceased’s wife who sustained a broken hip and shattered her pelvis.

The lady who pleaded guilty to the charge of death by dangerous driving is reported to have said that she was trying to send a birthday message on Facebook.  When she realised that the message had not gone through she tried again.

Investigations in tot the tragic car accident had said that had she not been on the phone, there would have been plenty of time to avoid the collision.

Fatal road accident compensation claims

Tragically many drivers, passengers and pedestrians are killed on our roads each day.  This may be by driver error, which can be due to:

causing death by dangerous driving – and compensation

causing death by carless driving – and compensation

One in six drivers confess to using a mobile phone while driving

It is reported that one in six uses a mobile phone behind the wheel despite tougher penalties being introduced in March 2017.  If caught, the driver can face six points on their license and a £200 fine.

The Co-op insurance company said that of 1,500 drivers it had surveyed, 16% admitted using an hand-held mobile at the wheel in the preceding month.  Of these 18% were responding to work emails and 23% checking Facebook.

Fatal accident claims

For advice if you have been affected by this story please contact us the fatal accident solicitors.

Fatal car accident claims – marijuana

Fatal car accident claims – marijuana

Tragically it is not just human error, a split second wrong decision or complete and utter carelessness or recklessness that may cause a fatal road accident claim for compensation but what the driver does before getting behind the wheel.

The issue is drugs in society and seemingly freely available to many youngsters who drive today.

Fatal road accident claims
Fatal car accident claims and drugs

A recent study that the fatal accident claim solicitors blogged about earlier reported on a study by the Highway Safety Association which as reported that there are more fatal road accident claim due to drug taking than alcohol.

We reported that whilst this study was based on information from America, it is often the case (or at least is seems to give the impression) that come 10 years time, the UK will follow what the US does.

Cause for Concern – fatal car accidents and drug taking?

As fatal accident claim solicitors specialising in this area, we consider that what happens in America will happen in the UK.  The report suggests that there were over 35,000 deaths due to road accidents.  A third of those drivers who died behind the wheel tested positive for some form of drug taking.

Marijuana – The drug for drivers?

The drug that most drivers that were killed behind the wheel in a fatal car accident claim had taken marijuana in some form or another. The next most common drug was amphetamine which showed up in about 9% of those deaths.

Should marijuana be legalised?

The report suggests that the rise in the number of fatal car accident claims due to drug taking coincided with the legalisation of the drug for recreational or medical use in more than 50% of the states in America.

The are calls in the UK for this drug to be legalised and perhaps this is one form of evidence that suggests that before we consider going down this road, more studies and safeguards should be considered.

Drugs the big killer in fatal road accidents claims

Drugs the big killer in fatal road accidents claims

Sign of the times.  In the 70’s and 80’s the problem seemed to be with alcohol related deaths on the road.  However there in the United States there are more fatal road accidents due to drugs than alcohol.

Why is this relevant I hear you say as this is an American problem?  The answer is short and to the point.  It seems that whatever America does, the UK will follow some 10 years later.  A maker we have to consider no doubt.

Fatal Road Accident Claims & Compensation

Fatal Road Accidents – Drink and Drugs

In one report where the statistical information has come from, (Governors Highway Safety Association and the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility) advisers that there is a a steady increase in drug use amount drivers killed in road traffic accidents.

In 2005 28% of toes tested were found to be under the influence of drugs, but in 2009 this increased to 33%.

Fatal Road Accident Claims – 35,000 Killed in Crashes

The statistics are shocking and every life lost is a personal tragedy that could have been avoided.   Of the drivers who were fatally killed, 57% were tested for drugs and 71% for alcohol.

Over a third were tested positive for drugs.

Fatal road accident compensation claims

Tragically many drivers, passengers and pedestrians are killed on our roads each day.  This may be by driver error, which can be due to:

causing death by dangerous driving – and compensation

causing death by carless driving – and compensation

Combined with those to criminal charges against the offender, the family left behind following the loss of a loved one will want to ensure the justice is achieved by the conviction  of the offender and also fatal accident compensation can be obtained to relieve some of the financial stress and worry.

Fatal accident claims advice – family members

If you are directly affected by the loss of a family member and want to help those around you why not get in touch.  We may be able to help you and also the family as a whole.  Contact the fatal accident claim solicitors for expert advice and assistance.








Social Media The New Church

Social MediaThe New Church

The Church is often what we use to for family and friend to get together on important stages in our lives:

  1. Christenings
  2. Marriage
  3. Deaths

Fatal accident claims

Facebook is taking over!

Now Facebook is taking over (at least digitally).  We are still using The Church for such important events in our lives (and death) but Facebook is now so vast and widely used that such events also take place digitally.

Facebook is certainly a place for light-hearted messages, thanks, updates but now even announcements of a death in the family are often an important message board to inform family and friends.

In a recent study by Co-op funeral care  a third of adults who want their loved ones to post online when the die have already let someone know that tho sis their wish.

We deal in grief in different ways

Everyone is different.  Some will shudder at the thought of advising loved ones or friends of a loss.  They would want to meet the family in person, make that call rather than announce it on social media platforms.

However others are use to posting anything and everything which includes announcing the death of a loved one.

Fatal accident claims

Announcements of death on social medial ever growing.  Anyone who has lost a loved on in the past 3 years due to an unlawful killing should consider seeking legal advice to help them make a fatal accident claim for compensation and getting to the truth of what happened.

Contact us now for help and support all under a no win no fee solicitors guarantee.

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Fatal car accident – suspicion death by dangerous driving

Fatal car accident – suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving

A man has been arrested in a ‘hit and run’ tragic fatal car accident when the vehicle he was driving caused the tragic death of a little girl and serious injury to her grandmother.

The man who handed himself in after allegedly travelling abroad after the tragic accident is now said to have handed himself in after pleas from his mother on national TV.

Police are not looking for any other suspect.

Further Reading on this tragic event:

Liverpool Echo – Violet-Grace

Consequences causing death by dangerous driving

In our mind the punishment for causing death by dangerous driving are totally inadequate.  The maximum punishment is 14 years in prison.  Most serve less than 5 years.

If the punishment against the driver is not sufficient, bereaved families are further met with an insulting legal system where compensation is of limited or no use especially when it comes to losing children.

Yes compensation is not everything, it will never be enough for a loss of a loved one but the compensation for a fatal accident claim for causing death by dangerous driving can help with financial pressures following the death of a loved one.  Often even if it is not the bread-winner who has died, some bereaved family members cannot go back to work for a long time.  The bills don’t stop coming in.  They need to be paid from somewhere.

If you have been affected please contact us for sympathetic expert legal advice.

Further reading on fatal accident claims.

Fatal accident claims

Compensation for causing death by dangerous driving

Compensation causing death by careless driving


Fatal Road Accident Claims Video