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Fatal Accident At Work

Fatal Accident At Work

We go to work expecting that the laws are there to protect employees.  There are various Health and Safety Laws to provide that protection but sadly, all too often they are ignored.

In this tragic accident a man had drowned when he was sent by his employer to collect golf balls from the bottom of a lake.

Fatal accident solicitors
Fatal accident solicitors

The employee has available to him a garden hose attached to a compressor as breathing apparatus.

The deceased had learning difficulties, he was weighed down by a diving belt and a bag of golf balls.

His employer was in fact  his friend and he was jailed for manslaughter.

Fatal Accident At Work

It is reported that he had breached at least 16 health and safety regulations.  Neither the deceased nor his employer had any diving experience.  The employer decided he would use his childhood friend to collect the golf balls after he realised the true expense of collecting them if using a professional diver.

Fatal accident at work claims

A very sad but quite unusual case as here the employer and deceased where childhood friends.  Nevertheless the consequences are tragic and various protection laws were broken.

If you have been affected by this case and require help or assistance please contact us.


Fatal car accident – suspicion death by dangerous driving

Fatal car accident – suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving

A man has been arrested in a ‘hit and run’ tragic fatal car accident when the vehicle he was driving caused the tragic death of a little girl and serious injury to her grandmother.

The man who handed himself in after allegedly travelling abroad after the tragic accident is now said to have handed himself in after pleas from his mother on national TV.

Police are not looking for any other suspect.

Further Reading on this tragic event:

Liverpool Echo – Violet-Grace

Consequences causing death by dangerous driving

In our mind the punishment for causing death by dangerous driving are totally inadequate.  The maximum punishment is 14 years in prison.  Most serve less than 5 years.

If the punishment against the driver is not sufficient, bereaved families are further met with an insulting legal system where compensation is of limited or no use especially when it comes to losing children.

Yes compensation is not everything, it will never be enough for a loss of a loved one but the compensation for a fatal accident claim for causing death by dangerous driving can help with financial pressures following the death of a loved one.  Often even if it is not the bread-winner who has died, some bereaved family members cannot go back to work for a long time.  The bills don’t stop coming in.  They need to be paid from somewhere.

If you have been affected please contact us for sympathetic expert legal advice.

Further reading on fatal accident claims.

Fatal accident claims

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Compensation causing death by careless driving


Fatal Road Accident Claims Video



Compensation Fatal accident Claims – increase

Why did the courts get it wrongful over many years? (Part 3)

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Compensation fatal accident claims – increase

The good news (if it can be described that way) is that compensation for fatal accident claims are to increase as a result of the Lord Chancellor’s announcement to cut the discount rate for future losses where the someone has suffered life changing injuries or fatal injuries.

Compensation for Fatal Accident Claims

The effect of the discount rate cut in fatal accident claims is that in some cases the amount of compensation may almost double.  These type of cases are relevantly rare however and are often awarded in birth-injury claims for clinical negligence where there is a long life expectancy but with round-the-clock care.

Compensation fatal accident claims further reading

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Fatal Accidents At Work – Silo

Fatal Accidents At Work – Silo

Fatal accident at work claims: in a tragic case at a farm a young farmer lost his life whilst attempting to clean out a silo at a farm where he worked.

He became buried in tonnes of grain which acted like quicksand.  He later died.

Fatal accident solicitors
Fatal accident solicitors

The Heath and Safety Executive investigated the fatal accident at work claim and prosecuted the farm owner for the sad loss of the employee farmer.

The practice of entering the silo had been used for many years but it was just fate that nobody had lost their life as a result of the breaches of health and safety laws.

Regrettably fatal accident at work on the farm are not that uncommon and may are easily preventable.

Fatal Accidents At Work Claims

Anyone seeking help and guidance on making a fatal accident at work claim should seek advice from specialist solicitors who will help and support you and your family through this most difficult time.

Contact us now, we are here to help:

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Fatal Accident Claims

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Fatal Accident Claims


Fatal accidents at work claims

Fatal accidents at work claims

Fatal accident at work solicitors are here to help families who have lost a loved one who has been killed at work due to the negligence of the employer/employees or contractors on site.

Many fatalities at work arise due to breaches of health and safety law and as such the Health and Safety Executive will be empowered to investigate the cause of death to establish.

Fatal Road Traffic Accident
Fatal Accident At Work Claims

Fatal injuries at work claim statistics HSE

The Health and Safety Executive in their report into fatal accidents at work claims say:

There were 27 fatal injuries to workers in agriculture, lower than the five year average of 32. The rate of fatal injury in 2015/16 is 7.73, compared to the five-year average rate of 9.40. 

 In mining and quarrying two workers were killed, compared to an average of four deaths for the previous five years. 

 There were 27 fatal injuries to workers in manufacturing, 23% higher than the five-year average (22). The latest rate of fatal injury is 0.92, compared to an average rate of 0.79 over the previous five years. Within the latest year, there were three incidents in this sector resulting in eight deaths, see section ‘longer-term trends’ for details. 

 There were six fatal injuries to workers in waste and recycling, compared to the five-year average (7) but subject to considerable yearly fluctuations. The latest rate is 5.71 deaths per 100,000 compared to the five-year average of 5.59.

There were 43 fatal injuries to workers in construction, the same as the five year average of 43. The latest rate of fatal injury is 1.94 per 100,000 workers, compared to a five-year average of 2.04. 


One Fatal Accident At Work Claim It Too Many

One fatal accident at work is one too many.  A personal tragedy to the worker and his/her family.

As fatal accident claims solicitors we are here to help bereaved families every step of the way from investigation to truth and compensation.

Contact us now: fatal accident claims solicitors

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Fatal accident claims – clinical negligence

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Fatal accident claims – clinical negligence

The importance of contracting sepsis has taken a new twist when the Health Secretary in the Times on 11 March 2017 has advised that anyone who has contracted the infection should be treated within the hour.  The guidelines take on board the little know dangers of the infection that can lead to death.

Fatal accident claims - sitting on hill

However failing to spot the signs of the infection can lead to fatal accident claims against the NHS for medical negligence or against others who may be liable for instance sepsis contracted during the course of your work – fatal accident at work claims or a recent blog we discussed where a dog owner caused or allowed his dog to bite a carer who contracted sepsis and subsequently died.

Sepsis Patients to be treated within the Hour

The Health Secretary has now advised that sepsis patients must be treated within the hour.

What is Sepis?

Sepsis occurs when the body’s immune system goes into over-drive as it tries to fight the infection that damages tissue and interferes with the blood flow.  Patients can die if the infection is not treated early.  We have seen in recent blogs by the fatal accident solicitors that in some cases the bereaved family may have a legal right to claim compensation for fatal accident claims should there be a fault on behalf of the employer and/or person who caused the infection.

Further, if the sepsis is not treated quickly by the NHS doctors or at all, a clinical negligence claim may also be made.

What are the signs of sepsis?

According to Health Line the following are the signs of sepsis infection:

  • patches of discolored skin.
  • decreased urination.
  • changes in mental ability.
  • low platelet (blood clotting cells) count.
  • problems breathing.
  • abnormal heart functions.
  • chills due to fall in body temperature.
  • unconsciousness.

A recent study has estimated that there are 260,000 people in the UK would develop the condition annually.

Affected by this story – fatal accident claims?

If you wish to seek advice or legal support please contact the fatal accident solicitors as soon as possible.  There is a limited period of time to make a claim and whilst it is a difficult time there is a lot we can do to help bereaved families to help get to the truth of what happened and seek some form of justice to what has tragically happened.

Contact the fatal accident claims solicitors now:

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Fatal Accident Claims

Fatal Accident Claims

Fatal accident claims

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Fatal accident claims – sepsis

In or earlier blog on fatal accident claims following contracting sepsis we discussed a query our fatal accident solicitors had considered regarding liability of one or more of the following:

  • dog owner – failure to control his dog causing death
  • employer – fatal accident at work
  • medical negligence – fatal injury – failing to spot sepsis
Fatal Accidents Claims - The Law
Fatal accident claims – what are the rules?

Who is liable?

It will be recalled that in this fatal accident claims the deceased was employed as a carer who went to patients own homes to look after them.  The employer knew that the person being cared for had a dog that was prone to bite and failed to warn the employee (who had not attended the premises before) and failed to put in place sufficient warnings and safeguards to protect its employee.

The carer, unfortunately was bitten by the dog and he contracted sepsis and shortly afterwards died of the infection.

As the dog owner had not assets, money or insurance cover, he was not worth taking any legal action for a fatal accident compensation claim.  Fatal accident solicitor will have to consider taking action against the employer and or sue the NHS for medical negligence for failing to spot the signs of sepsis.

Treat Sepsis Patients Within The Hour

In a recent article it is now noted by the health secretary that sepsis patients should be treated within the hour.  Jeremy Hunt as gone on record saying:

“Every death from sepsis is a tragedy, yet too often warning signs are missed..’

The most typical of warning signs are:

  • high heart rate
  • signs of a rash

Fatal Accident Claims Advice

Please contact us if you require any advice or assistance following the loss of a loved one due to a fatal accident claim.  We are here to help you every step of the way.  As fatal accident solicitors we will sympathetically handle your case, discussing your options and advising you through the complex legal paper-work and procedures.

More Information on fatal accident claims

Fatal Accidents Act 1976

Fatal Accident Claims

Fatal Accident Claims

Reducing Fatal Car Accident Claims

Reducing Fatal Car Accident Claims

The Department for Transport  will take measures to fit speed cameras and warning signs of 50 of the most dangerous A roads in the UK to reduce the number of fatal accident claims and serious injuries on the roads.

Fatal Car Accident Claims

It is reported by the DfT that in 2015 there were over 1700 deaths on the roads and over 22,000 people seriously injured.

One of the roads it has planned is for the A32 through Hampshire which has recorded 33 fatal road accident claims and serious injuries.  Also there is a stretch of road that is 12 miles long the A285 through South Downs which has 23 major accidents and was named the UK’s highest risk.

Other roads that include fatal car accident claims and life changing  injuries that have been targeted is the A588 between Lancaster and Blackpool were there were 28 serious car crashes in 2 years.

In addition to speed cameras other road calming methods are being considered by Councils such as anti-skid treatments and rumble strips to slow down cars.

A spokesperson from the RAC welcomed the initiatives advising that the number of fatal road accident claims have come down but at recent times has remained at 1750 over recent years.

Fatal Car Accident Claims – Compensation Solicitors

If you have been affected by this story and wish to seek advice about making a claim for compensation for a fatal car accident please contact us now.  All advice is under a No Win, No Fee Solicitor service.


Fraud to Justify Large Motor Insurance Premiums

Fraud to Justify Large Motor Insurance Premiums

Motorists once again are taken for ‘fools’ in the belief that the motor insurance companies are going to pass down the money saved by the so called ‘compensation culture’ in road traffic accident claims.

For many years the legal industry has been lobbying the Conservative Government in particular with the result that solicitors dealing with whiplash injury claims, personal injury and fatal accident compensation claims have had the costs for dealing with victims slashed to unprecedented levels.

But have the insurance companies passed on these significant savings to the motorists?  It is doubtful.  I personally have not seen my premiums come down at all.

Don't get mugged sol pic

Abolish Whiplash Injury Compensation and Access to Justice

The Government influenced by the motor insurance injury are now proposing next year to deny victims of road traffic accidents the right to any compensation and restrict access to justice by making it no longer financially viable to instruct a personal injury solicitor all in the need to ‘crack down on fraud’ in motor accident claims.

However the evidence does not stack up.  It appears that a leading motorist solicitor Tom Jones is reported in The Times by saying that the costs of claims fell last year and was 30% lower than in 2010.

The motor industry is booming with healthy profits and cash reserves.

What About Fatal Road Accident Compensation?

If the savage Conservative cuts goes ahead as planned, claims involving death in road traffic accidents will not be affected.  However, says our Principal Solicitor, Ronnie Hutcheon.

“the English legal system with there is an unlawful killing at work or on our roads is so unjust to the victim and the family members left behind.  Harshly put, it is cheaper to kill than to injury.  The Fatal Accidents Act 1976 needs a drastic overhaull to compensate fairly the bereaved families.  Insurance companies are getting away with compensation murder.


Fatal Accidents Claims Guide

Fatal Accidents Claims Guide

There are some Guides on the internet concerning fatal accidents by lawyers but these tend to be complex and difficult to read unless you are a lawyer yourself.

Fatal Accidents Claims Guide

As solicitors in this area, we appreciate in this difficult time that understanding complex legal issues is something that can be a hurdle particularly following a bereavement.

Our fatal accidents claim guide is written in plain easy to understand language just like this website.  But even better is if you contact us direct we will be able to explain the law in this area which can be complex to make it easy to follow and understand.

By clicking on the following link you will find it useful fatal accidents claims guide.

Fatal Motor Accident Claims Guide

If a accident arose due to a motor accident please refer to our fatal road accident claims guide, see link below:


Fatal Motor Accident Claim Guide

There are other links that will enable you to obtain some information but please contact the fatal accident claims solicitors for free initial support and assistance and how we can run a case under a no win no fee solicitor service.

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