Causing Death by Dangerous Driving – Fatal Accident Claims

Causing Death by Dangerous Driving – Fatal Accident Claims

This blog is part of a series of information on this website refering to fatal accident claims when the fatal injury has been caused by the negligence of the driver, and criminal charges are brought by the CPS, in particular, death by dangerous driving and death by carless driving and the family, in addition to seeking justice for the conviction of the offender, also being able to claim compensation for the death of the loved one and the financial losses that will flow from such tragic consequences.

Death by Dangerous Driving - Fatal Accident Claims

Below refers to possible penalties for death by dangerous or careless driving.

Penalties inflicted on the defendant:

•    Causing death by Careless Driving:
Maximum of 5 years in prison, disqualified from driving for minimum of 1 year.

•    Causing death by Dangerous Driving:
Maximum of 14 years in prison, disqualified from driving for a minimum of 2 years.

•    Causing death by careless driving when under the influence of drink or drugs:
Maximum 14 years in prison, unlimited fine or both, & disqualified for minimum of 2 years.

There can be no true repayment when a life is tragically lost in a road traffic accident, yet the Law must make every attempt possible to fully compensate those who were closest with the deceased.

For information on claiming compensation for a fatal accident please click here: fatal accident claims home page.

Statistice Involved in Fatal Road Traffic Accidents

•    Between September 2012 & September 2013, there was a 38% increase in official deaths caused by dangerous driving.

•    In same time period, there has been a 14% decrease in deaths caused by careless driving.

•    Only 60% of drivers who have been involved in a traffic accident involving a fatality are actually prosecuted.

•    Average prison sentence for causing death by dangerous driving is 4 years.

•    In 2006 there were 381 convictions in England and Wales for serious driving charges for causing death, but only 58 resulted in imprisonment of more than five years

•    Number of deaths involving drink/drug drive accidents soared by 26% in 2012.
Analysis of the Statistics

Death by Dangerous Driving – Sentencing

Regarding the sentencing of ‘causing death by dangerous driving’ it could be said that the average of 4 years imprisonment is not nearly enough considering an individual has paid the ultimate price as a result of a defendant’s actions. It could also be argued that despite no prison sentence being sufficient enough to compensate for the loss of someone’s whole life, the implementation of a maximum prison sentence of 14 years is insufficient considering there is no maximum prison sentence for murder or manslaughter.

Additionally, when assessing the average prison sentence of 4 years it could be said that this is far too low considering the fact someone had died as a result of their causing death by dangerous driving. It would be reasonable to expect that the average prison sentence should be around half of what the maximum sentence is, yet the actual average is 3 years short of this.

Please see Crown Procecution Web Site: Driving Offences Involving Death

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