Child Killed in Fatal Jet Ski Accident

A child was killed in a fatal accident involving a jet ski. The teenager died when his crashed a jet ski into his brother’s jet ski.

The family had been riding on jet skis for around half an hour when the father and brother started to make their way to the coast.

The father and son stopped their jet skis for a drink of water while the child carried on around 300 yards away.

The father said that he saw his son turn towards them, he lost sight of him as he passed behind his brothers jet ski.

Seconds later the child crashed into his brothers jet ski.

The impact of the collision threw both him and his father into the water.

The father took his child to shore and carried out CPR on him while the bother was rescued by the local coast guard.

The child was believed to have died instantly.

Both children had rode jet skis before on previous holidays and understood fully how to ride them responsibly.

Forensic scientist suggested to the father that his son might have been unconscious before the tragic accident.

The emergency stop was still attached to the child’s wrist and was not pulled out before the accident.

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Posted: February 10, 2015 at 9:34 am