Compensation Rates for Bereavement Awards – Since 1991

You can see the historical figures for a bereavement award below. Interest can also be claimed in respect of a fatal accident case on the award running from the date of death.

  • £3,500 to £7,500 – 1 April 1991
  • £10,000 – 1 April 2002
  • £11,200 – 1 January 2008
  • £11,800 – 1 January 2012
  • £12,980 – 1 April 2013
  • £15,120 – 1 May 2020 to present (current rate as of 2020)

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Bereavement Compensation Increase in 2013

In 2013, this year deserves a brief mention as an increase in the bereavement awarded for deaths following a fatal accident claim on or after the 1st April 2013 has been increased by 10% from £11,800 to £12,980. This was not a as result of the kindness of the Government or Insurance Companies, it was due to the “Jackson Law Reforms” which introduced new cost cutting laws that could be construed to curtail the incorrectly perceived “compensation culture.”

The increase in the bereavement award compensation due to the death of a loved one out of an accident was due the fact that the Jackson reforms made wholesale changes to the fees solicitor can charge the Defendant insurance companies if they win the case. In short, the Jackson reforms took advice from large insurance companies and decided that to compensate solicitors for the drastic cost cutting, they would make the injured victim (or their family) make up some of the shortfall. By this the Conservative Government has now allowed Solicitors to take up to 25% (called a success fee) from the bereaved families.  This is totally abhorrent but personal injury solicitors in England and Wales are left with no other choice if they are to offer no win no fee advice.

Bereavement Award 2020

After a long seven years since the last update, the UK goverment have finally implemented a change to the bereavement award amounts. From 1st May 2020, the bereavement award will provide entitled parties to £15,120. This is the first increase since April 2013 when the award was increased to £12,980.