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Here at fatal accident claims we have considered that even a token value for the loss of a loved one following a fatal accident compensation claim (known as a bereavement award) of £12,980 is too low.

Yes no amount of money following the death of a close family member can compensate for the loss but to put the “token” value (set by the Government) at such a low level is quite simply an insult to grieving families.

Advice for Grieving Families

Often we are involved in conversations with families who have lost a loved one to explain to them that the value society (the Government) have placed on a family member is not suppose to compensate their loss but it is simply a marker or token of the loss.

This is not right.  Anyone killed following a fatal accident, being a fatal car accident claim or a fatal accident at work claim must have more than simply a token amount to represent the worth of such a priceless loss.  To offer a token is an insult.  Yes we appreciate that the insurance industry (who will pay the bereavement award, not the Government) will not be able to provide £Millions in compensation just for the death alone, but at least provide an amount that is beyond a token.

Bereavement Award E-Petition is NOW LIVE

At fatal accident claim solicitors we have today lodged our E-Petition to increase the fatal accident bereavement award to £100,000.  It is still a token amount but not such an insult that grieving families have to endure as the law currently stands. Click our Bereavement E – Petition now and this will take you to the Government Website.  We need 100,000 votes for our petition to be debated by the Government.


Please contact us or re-tweet this page to lend your support or go on line and search for our bereavement E-Petition.

Thank you for your support!

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