Disaster Accidents

Help In Times of Disaster

When you need it most we are here to help. Acting for the victim or next of kin in a disaster accident causing fatalities, serious or psychological injury we can help investigate the cause of the accident disaster, advise through the legal complexities and red tape.

Complex Legal Issues following Disaster Accidents

The legal issues surrounding a disaster accident claim can be complex and demanding. As specialist fatal accident and Inquest Solicitors we appreciate that no compensation can replace the untimely death of a loved one. Every death is a personal tragedy and we ensure that each case will be treated sympathetically.

Getting to the Truth

We do understand that compensation is often a secondary thought, but making a claim helps maintain financial stability and relieve the financial worry and stress that comes with losing a partner or family member or sustaining a serious/psychological injury.

Types of Disaster Accidents

Common injury disaster claims arise out of transportation events such as:

  • Single or multiple bus or HGV Crash
  • Multiple car crash
  • Train crash
  • Plane crash

First and foremost the initial investigation will centre on the cause of disaster accident, getting to the truth and to ensure that lessons are learnt so the disaster does not happen again.