Fatal Accident Claims

Fatal Accident Claims

At fatal accident claims solicitors we are always here to help families who have been the victim of a tragic fatal accident. Whether the death is sudden or over a period of time, the devastation can be unbearable, from an emotional and financial aspect. Fatal accident claim solicitors have over 24 years of experience in dealing with the complex legal issues following the death of a loved one.

Fatal accident claims

The Principal Solicitor, Ronnie Hutcheon explains the importance to him and the practice when handling a fatal accident claims:

“Every fatal accident claim is a tragedy. Whether the deceased is young or old. On a personal level, as a firm, we all bond with our clients and help them through every step of the claim. This can be getting to the facts of what happened such as attending the inquest or Crown or Magistrates Court if the accused is being prosecuted. Collating and obtaining all the evidence required to make a fatal accident claim including attending witnesses and getting copies of the police reports as soon as possible.”

He further explains the importance of each fatal accident claim that his firm handles:

“The legal issues following fatal accident claims can be very complex. A Fatal accident compensation claim is not for inexperienced solicitors or solicitors with just a few years experience dealing with low value personal injury claims. Fatal accident claims demand the wide-spread experience of a solicitor forearmed with all the legal equipment necessary to get to the truth of what has happened. At the same time, ensure the deceased’s family are kept up to date, supported emotionally and ultimately financially by a maximum compensation award. At this time despite the fact that Solicitors can take up to 25% of the fatal accident compensation award.  Our charges if we win the case start at 0% but most choose are 12.5% plus vat option meaning that you may keep more of your compensation, and of course, pay nothing if the case is lost. Families can rest assured that they have the option to keep more of the compensation that is awarded unlike other Solicitors. Nothing less will do in my practice. ”

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