Fatal Road Accidents

Fatal Road Accidents

Every road death is a tragedy and for the deceased’s family and friends a life changing event that will last their entire life time.  Government statistics  confirm that there were 440 road deaths between April and June; over 1,700 fatal road accidents.

The following road deaths recorded following fatal road accidents statistics are relevant to 2003:

Use a Fatal Accident Specialist Solicitor
Use a Fatal Accident Specialist Solicitor

Help When You Need It Most

From a legal point of view, it is important to contact a specialist fatal road accident solicitor who will help you every step of the way.


Fatal Road Accidents Claims

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Support our broken hearts campaign to help increase bereavement award compensation.

We know its not just about the compensation, it is about the truth and getting to know what really happened and the final moments.  By instructing us, we will help you get to where you want to be by:

  • Liaising with the Police
  • Liaising with the Coroner
  • Contacting the Defendant(s) and insurer
  • Instructing experts – accident reconstruction, medical, barristers
  • Assist and attend inquest hearings
  • Assist and attend any criminal hearings against the Defendant
  • Prepare a full and financial fatal road accident assessment for Compensation
  • Advise you and your family with any legal issues arising from the fatal accident claim
  • Prepare and apply for probate
  • Claim for funeral expenses
  • Identify those family members who can claim compensation
  • Identify dependants
  • Claim a bereavement award
  • Advise you with any financial issues arising out of the death
  • If liability is admitted, to obtain interim compensation payments to help your immediate needs for the fatal road accident.
  • Prepare the fatal road accident case for Court
  • Obtain the maximum compensation for all dependants.

No Win, No Fee, Solicitor

As specialist fatal road accident solicitors, we undertake all work under a No, Win, No Fee basis, so despite the complex legal and factual issues that can arise from an accidental death, you and your family will have no money worries by instructing us.

No Win No Fee No Worry Cycle Solicitors

0% or Low Solicitor Success Fee if you Win

Due to a change in the law, fatal road traffic accident solicitors can take up to 25% of your compensation if you WIN, by way of a “Success Fee.”  So for every £100,000, you may have to pay up to £25,000 to your fatal accident Solicitor leaving you with £75,000.  That compensation award has to last you and your family a lifetime and to go to a personal injury solicitor could leave you seriously out of pocket.

Ask Your Solicitor: What will it cost if you win my Claim?

Our Success Fees Cap starts at 0%.  The majority of our success fees are only 12.5% plus vat however.  Simply by instructing us, can save you £Thousands in fatal road accident compensation, leaving you with the potential of obtaining 100% of the compensation.  We believe the compensation is much better in your pocket than ours despite what the Government believe.

Fatal Road Accidents In Your Area

The following statistics can be found on the BBC News Website from 1999 to 2010

  • Fatal car accidents in Liverpool – 204
  • Fatal road accidents in Manchester –  222
  • Fatal road accidents in Birmingham – 358
  • Fatal car accidents in Sheffield – 177
  • Fatal road accidents in Portsmouth – 53
  • Fatal road accidents in Preston – 55
  • Fatal car accidents in Sheffield – 177
  • Fatal road accidents in Harrowgate – 155
  • Fatal road accidents in Hertfordshire – 162
  • Fatal car accidents in Hillingdon- 100
  • Fatal road accidents in Hounslow – 106
  • Fatal road accidents in Isle of White – 60
  • Fatal car accidents in Kensington & Chelsea – 69
  • Fatal road accidents in Leeds – 408
  • Fatal road accidents in Knowsley – 48
  • Fatal road deaths in Middlesbrough – 53
  • Fatal road accidents in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne – 80
  • Fatal road accidents in Cornwall – 99

Death on Roads


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