Compensation Calculator for Fatal Accidents

Compensation for a fatal accident at the end of the day has to be produced to the court in black and white, on paper and electronically. Below are some examples of what can be claims for dependency.

Parents Claim for Dependency – A Claim For Rental Income

Below is a typical expression of a claim compensation for a fatal accident claim for dependency on behalf of parents:

Loss of rental income £12,000

  • The Deceased started his degree course at University, the Claimant’s parents had built and extension to their house so that the Deceased would always have a place that he could call his own when visiting during holidays and in the likely event that he moved back home at some point after completing his studies.
  • After graduating the Deceased moved away and obtained a full-time job.
  • While the Deceased lived in rented accommodation he was not particularly happy with his job and wanted to move back home and be closer to his family and friends. Further his parents health was failing and as the only child they needed support. He wanted to be there for them.
  • Just several weeks before the Deceased’s death, he attended for an interview close to his parents home and was successful. Before starting his new job he tragically lost his life.
  • If the Deceased had moved home, his parents would have charged him nominal rent of about 200 per month towards household costs. They had discussed such an arrangement with the Deceased before he moved.
  • In the circumstances, it is the Claimant’s case that there was a substantial chance that the Deceased would have returned to live at home and contributed £200 per month towards household costs.
  • The timing and duration of the Deceased’s return are all incapable of being precisely ascertained, and therefore proposes that the parents’ claim in respect of the Deceased’s likely contribution towards household costs is valued on the basis that it would have lasted for 5 years. The period of claim allows for the possibilities that the Deceased might have lived at home for a longer or shorter period. No enhancement for any element of accelerated receipt is sought, and the claim is therefore for £200 x 12 x 5 = £12,000.
  • There are many more heads of loss that can be claimed. Please see our webpage fatal accident compensation.