Construction Worker – Fatal Accident

It is reported in the Telegraph that a construction worker has sadly lost his life when he was hit bay a moving boom on a crane at the £1.4 billion Queensferry Crossing last month.

The fatal accident at work occurred to a 60 year old experienced worker on the North Tower of the new bridge over the Firth of Forth near Edinburgh.

All work had stopped following the fatal injury. He was said to have suffered a severe blood loss and fellow colleges were unable to resuscitate him.

Another worker was also injured at work but thankfully only sustained minor injuries.

Investigations Into the Fatal Work Accident

The Police are said to be working with parter agencies to investigate the tragic fatal injury at work.

It is reported that a total of 73 workers have died in the construction of the Forth Bridge, the rail bridge which originally opened in 1890, and 7 worker killed on the construction of the Forth Road Bridge which opened in 1964.

Advice For Families Following Fatal Work accident

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Posted: May 7, 2016 at 8:33 pm