Corbon monoxide killed two

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Two males have died in the Wirral, Merseyside. The fatal accidents claim to be due to the escape of carbon monoxide. Their bodies were found around 10 a.m. in their bungalow.

A post mortem regarding the death of the two is uncertain. Carbon monoxide is the suspected cause. Police arrived at the scene after a call concerned for the safety of the men.

The men where aged 47 and 54 years old. Neighbours have said that one of the men was the carer for the victim. There was no gas leak in the house but the gas supply was cut off. The cause of the gas leak is likely to be a water heater or boiler.

Their fatal accident deaths are still under investigations but carbon monoxide is claimed to be the possible cause.

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Important information on the Silent Killer – Carbon Monoxide Deaths

The escape of carbon monoxide can be deadly.  It is known as the silent killer.  You cannot smell, see, feel or hear it. If there is an escape of carbon monoxide in the home, boat, garage, holiday cottage or hotel etc then there is a danger that the gas can kill you.  We are solicitors who can claim for death(s) caused by carbon monoxide.

We have already claimed substantial compensation against a multi-national company that sold a faulty cooker causing the deaths of two occupants.  The widow of one of the occupants instructed us, her fatal accident solicitors, to claim compensation for the loss of her husband and financial losses caused to the family.  The insurance company that acted for the white goods manufacturer did their best to reduce the amount of compensation they would pay to the widow.  The insurance company tactics where mainly threefold:

1 Failing to admit fault, despite the fact that the coroner was of the view that the death was caused by the escape of carbon monoxide due to the fault of the cooker.  This allegation caused the widow and family much distress resulting in the case settling only a few weeks before the trial date.

2. They alleged the deceased was an alcoholic.  The reason for this argument by the insurance company acting for the multi-national white goods manufacturer was that they were hoping to prove that the deceased would probably have died earlier than an “average member of the population” due to his alcohol dependency.

What they were hoping to prove was that the deceased, but for the death by carbon monoxide poisoning, would have died earlier anyway and therefore had less time in the future to earn a wage.  If that could be proved, the widow’s financial dependency on her husband would be reduced to the deceased life expectancy and not the population as a whole thereby reducing the financial dependency the widow could claim for the fatal accident.

3. The deceased at the time of death was separated from his wife at the time of the fatal accident.  The insurer tried to argue that as they were separated at the time of death, they were likely to divorce and therefore no financial loss to the widow could be made.  This claim was defeated by the widows fatal accident solicitors claim as we could prove that there were attempts for them both to get back together before death.  The defendant insurance company had no real evidence in support of their claim.

Compensation paid to the widow following fatal accident:

Needless to say, the insurance company acting for the cooker white goods manufacturer failed in their attempts to defeat the widow’s compensation claim.   As fatal accident claim solicitors we undertook further research and discovered other deaths due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Armed with this information and the widow’s own willingness to get to the truth, the insurance company made an out of court offer to settle the fatal accident compensation claim.  The offer was rejected.  It was suspected by the fatal accident solicitors that the compensation was merely an attempt to see if the widow would take the compensation due to the length of time it had taken her solicitors to get a court date.  The offer of compensation was rejected.  Two more offers were made until a final offer to compensate was made that was deemed reasonable in accordance to the law of fatal accident compensation.  This real life fatal accident claim for compensation is simply to illustrate that as specialist solicitors in this area, we will never give up claiming the maximum compensation and at the same time getting to the truth of a tragic death.  Contact us today if you require a solicitor that will be 100% on your side.

Posted: July 30, 2014 at 7:37 am