Coroners speak out about Ambulance Service

Coroners speak out about Ambulance Service

Fatal accident claims solicitors are aware that the Coroners in England & Wales have criticised call handlers and the ambulance service for failings in the system that are giving rise to deaths that could possibly be otherwise avoided.

Such un-necessary deaths can therefore lead family members to make fatal accident claims of compensation.

Fatal accident solicitors
Fatal accident solicitors

Failings in the Ambulance Service

The Coroners in England and Wales are increasingly concerned about the delays in responding to an urgent 999 call and the ambulance service where they often fail to recognise the severity of the symptoms leading to a possible fatal accident claims.

It is reported that 86 times the Coroners have had to warn the Ambulance Service of possible failures, a statistic of almost two patients every month have died.

Fatal accident claims

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Posted: September 18, 2017 at 5:34 pm