Criminal injuries – fatal road crash

Criminal injuries – fatal road crash

It is unfortunate that there are many senseless deaths and fatal car accidents on UK road due to the criminal acts of others.  Usually young teenage or adult males.

Motor vehicles can easily be turned into weapons and cause carnage.  Young males still steel vehicles for ‘joy riding’ or used in the course of a criminal offence such as a get-away car at the scene of a crime.

Fatal road accident claims

Whatever the use, there is with regret victims who are present at the wrong place and time who ultimately and needlessly lose their life or suffer from serious injuries or life-changing injuries and are in the need of fatal accident compensation to help them recover and relieve the financial stress and burden of not having to work again.

Help is available to victims of fatal road accident claims

Those bereaved families who have lost a loved on due to crime or criminal activity can seek independent specialist advice from solicitors dedicated to help victims.

Notwithstanding the criminal often have no assets or money or insurance cover to sue for compensation, a claim can be made for criminal injuries compensation for the death of a loved one.  The scheme is designed to help bereaved families to claim compensation for a fatal accident claim where the death was caused due to a criminal activiity.

For more information on making a criminal injuries claim for compensation for the death of a loved one please click here: criminal injuries – compensation for death.

Further even if the death was caused (not by a criminal activity) but by an uninsured or untraced driver, again compensation may be made to the Motor Insurance Bureau, please click on the following links for further information:-

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Criminal injuries fatal road accident

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Posted: April 19, 2017 at 1:18 pm