Cycling Accident Claims – Common Factors

Cyclists on UK roads when involved in an accident can result in minor to serious life changing injuries. Tragically there are many road accidents to cyclists that also result in a fatal cycle injury.

According to the charity The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents or ROSPA it is reported that there are:

  • 113 cyclist killed in 2014
  • 3400 cyclists sustaining serious or life changing injuries
  • Over 17,000 minor injuries

Frequent Cycle Accident Claim Types

Statistics have shown from ROSP in the report above that the most common cycle accidents are caused in the following way:

  • Motor vehicles pulling out into the path of a bike rider
  • Motor vehicles cutting across the path of a bike rider.
  • A cycle rider turning right from or into a major or minor road
  • Child riding a bike too fast.
  • A bike rider colliding into the he path of a motor vehicle, off pavement.

Cycle Accident Injuries Claimed

The ROSPA report indicates that the most common injuries are:

  • To legs and arms making a total of 65%.
  • Chest and abdomen injuries (5%).
  • Head Injuries; from minor to serious head injuries, including skull fractures and brain injuries are common accident injuries to cyclists.
  • More than 70% of fatal cycle accident in London suffered from moderate to serious life changing injuries.  Over 80% of cyclists that were killed on UK roads were on out of City location in rural roads.

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Posted: September 23, 2016 at 4:50 pm