Cycling crash – injury to crowd funders

Fatal Cycling Crash – injury to crowdfunders

A glossy company that secured crowd funding of more than £1 million has collapsed and have appointed administrators.

Their crowd funding proved to be fatal to the company, there are reports in the national press about too much being spent on marketing and discounting stock.  However it must be noted that these are all un-confirmed.

Cycling Fatal Accident Claim

It is just a tragic event that the crowd funding for a once promising company has fallen into administration with no doubt jobs being lost and shareholders losing money.

Is this a fatal cycling crash for the industry?  Possibly for this company but there are surely going to be other new upstart companies who may be able to create a new dimension or platform to provide cyclist across the country with the demands and needs of today’s cyclist.


Posted: May 25, 2017 at 3:18 pm