Cyclists Avoid Fatal Road Accidents

We have found this advice very informative to all cycle and motorbike riders especially now we are in the last throws of Summer.  When summer time arrives and the sun is on our back (which lets face it, is not very often in the UK) we try to make the most of it.

Anti-Cyclist Accident Advice – Filtering Between Vehicles

From the I Am RoadSmart website the advice is informative and could save your life so it is well worth reading.

Whilst the advice is mainly aimed at motorcyclists due to the nature of speed and ‘weaving between traffic or overtaking a long tail of stationary or slow moving vehicles, nevertheless the same can apply with pedal cyclists.  With more and more cyclist getting onto UK roads (particularly with the influence of our great Olympic Team GB medials of late) many do not appreciate the  dangers and indeed the Highway Code on filtering between vehicles.

Richard Gladman of I am RoadSmart provides the advice summaries below:

  • Prolonged filtering requires an incredible amount of concentration so be vigilant at all times.
  • Cycle filtering should only be done when traffic is stationary or moving less than 20 mph.
  • Motorcycle filtering to the offside is especially dangerous near junctions.
  • You must maintain a safe escape route and speed when filtering between lanes so you can stop.
  • Make extensive use of mirrors of the cars to help you identify dangers.
  • If in doubt do not place your machine into a gap just because it will fit.
  • Be aware of HGV drivers who may not see you due to their blind spot.

What The Law Says When Cycle Filtering

As fatal cycle accident solicitors we are all too aware of the dangers that cyclists face when on the road, both pedal cyclists and motorbike riders.  Due to the nature of the cycle it is tempting to avoid traffic hold ups and queues and filter between stationary or slow moving vehicles.  Certainly travelling A – B is quicker in this way but poses more danger.  A useful article can be found in The British Cycling Federation  for cyclists.

The law on filtering in a nutshell is that whilst it is not against the law to filter between stationary or slow moving vehicles nevertheless it poses a recognised risk which the cyclist has to face.

In particular when filtering and overtaking a vehicles at a junction often involves an increased risk of an cycle accident including fatal cycle accident claims to be particlary wary of the risks.  Often a car will emerge from the side road where a gap is left by vehicles on the main road to allow the vehicle to enter the road.  As this vehicle pulls you of the side road, their vision is obscured, it pulls out in front of the path of the motorcyclists thereby causing the collision.

Even though the motorcyclist is on the main road, due to the fact that the cyclist is filtering between traffic they are often held to blame in part for the accident: see the case of Powel v Moody for authority.

Advice for Compensation for Cycle Accidents and Filtering

Contact the cycle accident compensation solicitor for advice and assistance on a cycle accident be it pedal bike accident or motorcycle accidents due to filtering or any other type of circumstances that has caused personal injury for fatalities.

Whether the cycle injuries are minor, severe, life changing injuries or fatal accidents we are here to help every step of the way all under our No Win, No Fee, Solicitor NO WORRY service.

Posted: August 28, 2016 at 12:50 pm