Death at Work – Asphyxiation

A reported fatal work accident on a farm killed a young man when he was cleaning out some a blockage from a grain silo.

The death at work occurred when the employee was required to clean out a grain bin which had become blocked.  Rather than the employer having a correct procedure to deal with the blockage the young employee had climbed into the grain bin to deal with the blockage.

However, there was still a quantity of grain inside the bin when, during his attempt, he became immersed in the grain which resulted in asphyxiation.

Health and Safety Investigations Into The Death

It has been reported by the HSE that the system of work adopted by the employer of the young man who was killed was unsafe.  The tragic fatality at work was unavoidable by applying simple health and safety systems of work.

Compensation for Death at Work?

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Posted: March 3, 2016 at 6:57 pm