Death by careless driving – text messages

Death by careless driving – text messages

In a crackdown on using mobile phones behind the wheel, new drivers who have passed their  driving test could lose their licence if they are caught using their mobile phone whilst driving a motor vehicle.

New offences:

Six points on your licence and £200 fine

Death by careless driving - Road Traffic Accident

The new measures have come in to reflect recent research that the use of mobile phones behind the wheel has become widespread.

Further there have also been recently reported tragic fatal accident claims where drivers and passengers have been fatally injured as a direct result of the offender using a mobile phone and thus losing control or concentration while driving.

Using Mobile Phone Behind The Wheel – Fatal – CU80

Fatal Road Accident – Using Mobile Phone

Fatal accidents claims and mobile phone usage

Fatal road accidents and dangerous driving crack down

Causing death by dangerous driving

Death by dangerous driving – Man Charged

The consequences of losing your licence or a fine is nothing to the suffering and pain a driver can inflict on others.

Police will check your mobile phone if involved in a fatal accident claim

If you are involved in an accident, especially if the accident involves serious or life changing injuries or a fatal accident claim, the police will check your phone records to see if you were using your mobile immedialtey prior to or at the time of the fatal accident claim.  If you were there is a serious possibility that the evidence may be used against you and you could land yourself up with one of two charges:

Causing death by dangerous driving – fatal car accident using a mobile phone

Causing death by careless driving – fatal car accident using a mobile phone.

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Posted: March 28, 2017 at 7:34 pm