Death by dangerous driving

Death by dangerous driving compensation

A lorry driver charged with causing death by dangerous driving has been jailed for 4.5 years.

The case was publicised last year when his lorry failed to stop and crashed into the rear of a broken down car.

The tragic accident had killed a young woman who was sitting inside the vehicle.

Fatal road accident claims

It is reported that the car was stationary in the inside lane and had her hazard lights flashing immediately before the collision.  There was nothing more she could have done

The lorry driver had dash cam footage of the collision.  The road was not busy.

The main cause of the accident was that the lorry driver was using a mobile phone.

The lorry driver admitted causing death by dangerous driving.

The police have advised that this tragic fatal accident claim was not an isolated incident.  Many such similar cases are being investigated.

Death by dangerous driving compensation

Anyone seeking advise for the death of a loved one can contact the fatal accident claim solicitors.  We will guide you through the legal maze of making a compensation for death by dangerous driving.  We will help to get to the truth of what happened and seek to obtain the maximum compensation for you.  Obviously compensation is often a secondary thought, getting to the truth and punishment for the unlawful killing are main factors.

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Further reading

Causing death by dangerous driving

‘With causing death by careless driving the maximum penalty in prison is just 5 years whereas for causing death by dangerous driving the maximum penalty is 14 years.

Fatal Accident Claim Solicitors

It will attract a Civil Claim for compensation for the fatal car accident claim under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 and the Law Reform Act.  The Police will deal with the criminal charges found under S 1 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 as amended 1991).

Definition of causing death by dangerous driving

The charge of causing death by dangerous driving is where the driver being accused of the charge has ‘fell far below the standard expected of a careful and competent driver.’  The difference between causing death by dangerous driving as compared to careless driving it the word ‘far.’  This suggests something more than a momentary lapse of concentration for instance.  Thus excessive speed well over an above the speed limit for the road or overtaking on a blind bend may attract a dangerous driving charge rather than a careless driving charge.


Posted: April 9, 2017 at 7:28 pm