Deaths on Road Due to Car Accidents

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Road Accidents – All 5 Occupants in Car Killed

This is a very tragic road accident where all occupants in the car were killed.  All passengers and the driver were teenagers. In represent two of the passengers an action is to be made against the driver of the vehicle (also killed in the accident).  As usual in all road traffic accident claims, the passengers will usually be innocent and a fatal road accident compensation claim will be made against the driver of the vehicle they were travelling in and/or the other driver in the third party vehicle who may also be at fault.

The consequences of the sudden death of all teenagers to the bereaved families are un-imanginable.  Yet the compensation for the loss of a children is an insult.  Join our campaign and help us change the law for bereavement compensation for families left behind who have to pick up the pieces;

Bereavement award – help us make history and change the law.

Daughter Applies CPR to Dying Father in Fatal Road Crash

The tragic and horrific scene where the daughter is informed by a neighbour that her father has been run over and is lying in the road within a few yards of their home.

Instructions were taken from a distraught daughter.  She came to his rescue and applied CPR but her father still lost his life on the way to hospital.

Father Killed by Reversing Vehicle

Whilst at a forecourt and intending to pay for his fuel, a reversing vehicle struck the father, the force of the impact striking him to the floor.  It is alleged that the driver failed to keep a proper look out, drove too fast whilst reversing causing the tragic accident and loss of life to a much loved father.

Son Killed in a Two Car Collision

A mother of an adult child over a year on from the hurtful and tragic road traffic car accident is still waiting to hear from the police as to how the fatal motor accident happened.  The lack of information to the mother and the bereaved family is clearly unacceptable.

What it means to me

My words cannot express the pain or can I offer any comfort to the grieving families, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.  But as a specialist fatal accident claims solicitor in this area I can help with the burden of getting access to the third party decision makers and help speed up the process of the investigation and keep the pressure on them to ensure the facts and the truth are revealed as soon as possible.  Such third parties are usually the police and coroner who undertake all investigations into the cause of fatal road traffic accidents.

In addition there are numerous other “red tape’ issues I can help grieving families to deal with legal matters such as obtaining probate (with our without a will), legal title of the family home, insurance matters, access to bank accounts, collection of the body, autopsy reports and many other issues.

No Win No Fee No Worry Cycle Solicitors

Then of course blame and compensation…

A sense of justice is a conviction by the police of the person(s) who caused the death of a loved one.  I know it does not change anything, but it is a further pain to see anyone at fault “get away” with the killing of another through their own recklessness on the road.

The police will deal with the ‘criminal’ procecution of the person at fault.  As a fatal accident claim solicitor I have no authority or control over the police and the CPS to deal with the charges and offences.  My work is to liaise with the police and obtain all copies of the reports and if necessary to obtain my own expert evidence if there are doubts about the police’s own accident investigations.

Thereafter the civil claim for compensation will take place.  If the defendant is found guilty following the police prosecution, then that makes my job much easier in the Civil Courts as the standard of proof is not as great as compared with the Criminal Courts.  The insurance company for the ‘guilty’ driver in the fatal road accident claim will accept the court’s verdict and begin to negotiate with me to settle the civil compensation claim for the  fatal road accident. I will gather all the evidence and then submit the claim for fatal accident compensation which may include a claim for dependency, a bereavement award, pain and suffering of the deceased prior to death, funeral expenses, other losses and expenses.

Posted: September 6, 2015 at 1:33 pm