Dependency – A very young victim

A fatal accident claim for loss of earnings for the lost years is so far distant and so speculative that no award under this head may be awarded, except, unless the victim is a child star cut off in his prime.

Recent Fatal Accident Case Decided 2001

The Claimant made a claim under the Fatal Accident Act. She was able to claim the a loss for her deceased husband’s “flair” and business acumen in property investments. He died of asbestos related disease at the age of 50. The Claimant, in fact suffered no actual loss, but she tried to run the business. The Court of Appeal decided that there was a loss for his service, as she would have had to employ a manager to run the business valued at about£23k pa. The court approved dependency of 75% for past loss, 72% for future loss and an agreed multiplier of 6.92%. Whilst they considered it was an unusual calculation in a fatal accident claim, the question of damages was a jury question, to try to be fair where the quantum of damages was not precise.

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Posted: November 13, 2013 at 5:32 pm