Disaster Claims – What Can Be Claimed?

This can be a complex area where you will need expert injury solicitor advice.

There are two categories, those where the victim has sustained fatal injuries and those were the injuries are non-fatal.

Non-Fatal Accident Injuries

The award of compensation follow the normal rules of personal injury law. The claim for compensation will be divided between a money award for the injuries (physical and psychological) and a money award for financial losses both past and future.

Compensation for Injuries (Physical and/or Psychological)

We would ask you to visit our main web site as a starting point. When you CLICK HERE you will be presented with a “crash test dummy.” Read the instructions and it will guide you through some basic awards of compensation the courts will offer to settle accident injury claims.

Financial Loss Claims

The law says that the injured victim in an accident claim must be placed in the same financial position but for the accident. In other words, the accident victim must not be financially worse off as a result of the accident. Equally, the accident victim must not be over-compensated. When dealing with future financial losses such as pensions and earnings the calculation of future compensation can be complex and expert solicitors will look to specialist actuaries and accountants to help with the calculations.

For a brief summary of financial losses the following can be claimed (past, present and future):

  • Loss of earnings, bonuses, promotion
  • Medical expenses
  • Prescription charges
  • Loss of Pension
  • Loss of benefits
  • Travel expenses
  • Damage to property
  • Care (paid or unpaid)
  • Aids and appliances
  • Cost of Adaptation of home e.g. for wheel chair access
  • Cost of transport or vehicle adaptation

The list is not exhaustive as each case will be decided on its own particular facts.

Free Advice Always Available

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Posted: August 1, 2008 at 11:00 am