Drunk driver killed himself and four brothers

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A man driving a SUV in caused a fatal car accident killing him and four brothers.

The fatal car crash happened when the 28 year old driver of the SUV was going the wrong way down the the road.

After an investigation it was found that the driver who caused the fatal car accident claim was drunk and was 12 units over the drink drive limit.

It is also claimed that he also had traces of cannabis in his blood. He died at the scene as he dislocated his neck and had other injuries.

It is reported that he was already dead before the SUV caught fire and burnt his body. The four men he killed were all in their early 20’s it was said they died from massive trauma and all died at the scene. The SUV involvled in the fatal road car crash, it is claimed, was took it without the owner’s permission.

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Posted: July 27, 2014 at 6:15 am