An employee died due to a fatal electric shock

Fatal Accident Claims – Death at work

An employee died due to a fatal electric shock whilst changing a welding rod during work inside a metal silo.

It was later founded that the electrical equipment which the deceased was using at the time of the fatality actually was damaged and not safe to use.

The fatal accident at work investigation which took place three months after the fatality it was confirmed that the work which the deceased was working on was an unsafe system of work causing it to be an hazardous environment.

The company which the deceased worked for was fined for failing safety procedures and providing a safe work enviroment.

Due to this fatality, the family of the deceased made an Fatal Accident Claims which resulted in them recieving £3,000.

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Fatal accident at work claims – Death at work

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Posted: March 30, 2015 at 12:20 pm