Employee Falls Through Fragile Plastic Panel

The deceased was helping to clear debris from a warehouse roof with three other employees, when he stood up and fell nine metres through a fragile plastic panel.

The deceased died at the scene.  The main laws applicable to workers who are injured or killed whilst working above floor level are governed by the Accidents & Height At Work Regulations: by clicking on that link  you will be taken to our workplace accident website.

It is believed that the employee’s was not given the right equipment to undertake this sort of work, such as harnesses or other safety equipment to ensure they was safe. A post-mortem taken place to rule out the deceased’s death and it was found he sustained serious head injuries, serious amount of fractures and lacerations all over his body.

Compensation for Fatal Accident At Work?

Due to this fatal accident at work, the next of kin and family members may be able to make a compensation claim.  But by making a claim for compensation is not all we can do as fatal work accident solicitors.  We can advise you on:

  • Liability – who is to blame for the work place death
  • Getting to the truth – instructing experts, medical and health and safety
  • Advice on probate, intestacy and procedure if there is a will.
  • Advice on who is entitled to the Deceased property.
  • Who can claim compensation on behalf of the next of kin, children & other family members.
  • Inquest hearings.
  • Coroner’s Hearing – verdicts and procedures.
  • Payment of household bills
  • Who is entitled to the home/property following the death.

By making a compensation claim for a fatal accident at work, it will also help avoid other similar fatalities at the same work place as they employers will be put on alert of the risks and the employer’s insurance company will want assurances that similar fatal accidents at work will not happen again.

The family of the deceased are able to claim fatal accident at work claims on behalf of the deceased plus bereavement award, dependency claim, and other losses and expenses.

If you have lost a family member due to a fatal accident at work, you are entitled to make a claim on the deceased’s behalf. For more information on fatal accident at work claims, contact one of our highly experienced solicitors who will deal with everything on your behalf.

Posted: June 1, 2015 at 12:21 pm