Exposure to “Cancer Fumes”

The multi-party litigation case went to court recently where workers were exposed to various fumes and dusts where it was alleged that such exposure had caused or contributed to a death of a worker and various chest infections/diseases.

The fatal accident caused by exposure was defended by the insurance company who acted for the employer setting out the difficulty of the claimant to prove that the cancer which ultimately caused the fatal death of the worker was caused at work.

Various experts were considered at court including medical and consulting engineers to help the Claimant.  The conclusion by the court was that the exposure to the dust and fumes had contributed to and probably caused the cancer giving rise to the death of the worker and as such his widow succeeded and recovered damages for compensation in respect of the fatal accident.

Fatal accident, work related fatal accident, death at work

Posted: October 7, 2013 at 9:00 am