Facebook fatal car accident claims

Facebook fatal car accident claims

There are greater penalties for using your mobile phone whilst driving and for good reason. A recent tragic case refers.  A woman was reported to be on the social media site Facebook when she failed to appreciate that the vehicles in front of her were stationary and stuck the vehicle immediately in front of her causing a fatal car accident claim.

Fatal road accident claims
Fatal car accident claims

Dangerous Driving and Causing Serious Injuries

The driver using Facebook at the time pleaded guilty to causing the death of the occupant in the vehicle in front and causing serious injury to the deceased’s wife who sustained a broken hip and shattered her pelvis.

The lady who pleaded guilty to the charge of death by dangerous driving is reported to have said that she was trying to send a birthday message on Facebook.  When she realised that the message had not gone through she tried again.

Investigations in tot the tragic car accident had said that had she not been on the phone, there would have been plenty of time to avoid the collision.

Fatal road accident compensation claims

Tragically many drivers, passengers and pedestrians are killed on our roads each day.  This may be by driver error, which can be due to:

causing death by dangerous driving – and compensation

causing death by carless driving – and compensation

One in six drivers confess to using a mobile phone while driving

It is reported that one in six uses a mobile phone behind the wheel despite tougher penalties being introduced in March 2017.  If caught, the driver can face six points on their license and a £200 fine.

The Co-op insurance company said that of 1,500 drivers it had surveyed, 16% admitted using an hand-held mobile at the wheel in the preceding month.  Of these 18% were responding to work emails and 23% checking Facebook.

Fatal accident claims

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Posted: May 12, 2017 at 9:11 pm