A farmer fined for serious safety failings, death at work claims

Compensation for fatal Accident at work compensation.

A farmer and two businesses which he owned has been fined for serious safety failings.  A 27 year-old man has died following an explosion of toxic gases.

The death at work is believed to be as a result of the farm owner negligence/fault set the deceased and another employee who was working there at the time was set to open a roof of a digester tank to fix a mechanism which had stopped, as they did this they were engulfed by toxic hydrogen sulphide gas.

Both men lost consciousness, but when the employee came round he found his employee lying next to him but could not get a response, he then rang an ambulance.

Two paramedics and two farm workers also suffered affects off the fumes, he was transported to hospital where he was later declared dead without regaining a response.

The company and two other businesses has been fined £20,000 due to serious safety failings. He did not asses the roof and he allowed employee’s to take out this task without any training.

Due to the accident that happened, the deceased family members are able to claim compensation for fatal accident at work

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Posted: May 1, 2015 at 6:00 pm