Electrician killed; fatal accident at work claim

Fatal accident at work claims.

A employee was was electrocuted in work and was tragically killed.

It is believed the trainee electrician was sent out to work on a to a nearby location.  The building was shell but had various electrical and gas connectors which had to be investigated and put safe.

The employee was required to test the electrical work within the building when he was electrocuted.

Following a fatal accident at work claim investigations by the Deceased next of kin’s solicitors and instructed experts, it was found that that the deceased’s employer’s failed to investigate the warehouse and undertake a full risk assessment by an experienced technician.

It was clear a trainee electrician should not have been ordered to undertake a dangerous task taking into account his limited experience.

The employer eventually admitted brach of duty.

As a result of the fatal accidnet at work the deceased’s the family submitted fatal accident at work claims on behalf of the deceased.

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Posted: May 30, 2015 at 6:47 pm