Fatal Road Accident Claims Black Spot – Wales

As reported by the BBC on fatal accident Wales has considered an accident black spot.  Between 2012-2014 greater than 100 people were killed in a fatal accident and approximately 7,500 minor to sustained life changing injuries.

Fatal Road Traffic Accident Claims

The statistics offered by the Welsh Government indicate the following information about fatal road accident and non-fatal road deaths:
  • In 2015 = 5,543 road accidents involving personal injury
  • 105 accidents resulted in a fatal injury.
  • 1,081 people sustained serious or life changing injuries.
What were the top 10 causes of fatal or serious road accidents in Wales during 2015? Source: Statistical Services, Welsh G...


The Most Common Cause of a Fatal Road Traffic Accident?

According to the Welsh Government on fatal road traffic accidents claims and non-fatal injury claims from serious to minor personal injury is simply that the driver has not kept a proper look out.  A simple omission but can lead to drastic and devastating results.

Claiming Compensation For Fatal Road Accident

As fatal accident solicitor we are hear to help you make claim for compensation following a fatal road accident. Every case is different has its challengers and complexities. No matter how difficult we are hear to help you.

Posted: September 27, 2016 at 2:11 pm