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Fatal Accident Claims

A tragic fatal accident claim occurred this week when two polish removal men were killed when an old heavy wrought-iron balcony end railing crumbled and fell to the ground caused the death of the two men at work.

At the time of the Fatal Accident Claims the two men were on the ground working with 6 others. They were trying to lift a sofa at ground level to the balcony above via the window when the balcony gave way.

The sofa and the balcony crashed to the pavement below hitting the men beneath causing the death of the removal men. Others working with them were also hurt.

An eye witness is reported to have said that the one of the dead was an 18 year old who was working with his father. One of the men died at the scene of the fatal accident claim and the other’s death occurred shortly after in hospital.

It was reported that the men had been working on the property for about a year before they were putting back the furniture.

Fatal accident at work claims

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Posted: November 22, 2014 at 5:58 pm