Fatal accident claims 999 Calls

Fatal accident claims 999 Calls

The risk of fatal accident claims could be higher as emergency vehicles such as the police on a 999 call could be prosecuted for driving offences such as death be dangerous driving or death by careless driving if found to be driving below the kill and care as one would normally expect of the driver.

It may be argued this is quite harsh and unfair as reacting to an emergency 999 call creates it own hazard which no other driver is lawfully exposed to.

Fatal Road Traffic Accident

Having said that, however, a balance has to be struck with the need for the police or ambulance crew to get to the target destination as quickly as possible to save lives and on the other hand the need to ensure that whilst on a 999 call, the emergency drivers do not leave total devastation in their wake.

The Police federation of England and Wales wrote to its members to remind them that there were no exemptions for to offences of emergency and careless driving.

Fatal Accident Claims

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Posted: July 1, 2017 at 9:43 pm