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Fatal accident claims – Sepsis

Sepsis is not fully understood by members of the public, by patients or even the medical profession.  The seriousness of the condition cannot be underestimated.

We had recently received an enquiry on behalf of a family member who lost a loved one in a fatal accident claim due to the fact that when, as a carer, he attended a person’s home and was bitten by a dog.

A tetanus injection was all that he received but within a matter of hours he became extremely unwell and died of sepsis poisoning.

Fatal Accident Claims
Fatal accident claims

Fatal Accident Claims against employer or dog owner?

Upon general advice in such upsetting circumstances there were issues surrounding the deceased employer who failed to safe guard the employee upon entering the premises at before entry it was known there was a dog at the house that was known to bite and they failed to alert the deceased.

If, on the other hand the employer was not responsible, the query if the dog owner can be held liable.  The problem here is that even if the dog owner was at fault, was the dog owner worth suing?  It is understood that the dog owner did not own the property (Council house) had no assets and probably no insurance cover.  So even if the dog owner was at fault, the bereaved family would not be able to sue.

Fatal accident claim against the medical profession?

The other avenue is to take action for medical negligence against the medical professionals who treated the deceased in not spotting the signs of sepsis poisoning.  Such signs are:

  • high heart rate
  • rash

It is known that if early signs present themselves there is a good chance that the patient will survive.

Fatal Accident Compensation Claims & Advice

For more information or to seek advice if you are a family member or just a friend looking to help and support a bereaved family please contact the fatal accident claims solicitor now, no matter how small the query.

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Posted: March 11, 2017 at 10:01 pm