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Fatal accident claims – the unjust law

We have long been advocates of justice for bereaved families.  We consider that the law not only dealing with unlawful death and compensation for dependency under the Fatal Accident Act 1976 in particular is unfair, unjust and uncaring.

Fatal Injury Bereavement Award

There are many reasons why the fatal accident claim solicitors are of this view –

  • A bereavement award is not payable to children who lose a parent.  Why?
  • why do parents not receive a bereavement award when their adult child is unlawfully killed?
  • why is the bereavement award, in any event only £12,980?
  • why is the price of life worth £NOTHING?
  • why do bereaved families have to pay their solicitors up to 25% of their costs?
  • in any event, why do any person involved in a fatal accident claim or personal injury claim have to pay out of their compensation up to 25% to their solicitor if they win?

Fatal Accident Claims and Conservative Government

If the law did not treat bereaved families unfairly before April 2013, it is now rubbing grit and salt into their pain and grief.  The CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT has been lobbied by insurance companies to stop/reduce the alleged fraudulent claims in personal injury claims.

Whist it is considered such claims are relevatliey minor, nevertheless the Conservative Government has decided to punish the victims of all personal injury, from minor, life changing injuries to fatal accident claims.  This has resulted in fatal accident claim solicitors being now forced to charge their clients up to 25% of the compensation they have been awarded in costs.  The compensation that has been fought for to help the injured and vunerable provide and care for themselves.

‘It is trite to say that insurance companies are relieved when, for instance in a fatal road accident claim or an accident at work that the victim had died rather than been severely injured.’

We are hear to help you

Notwithstanding the fatal accident claims laws, there are many aspects specialst solicitors can help bereaved families.  We will deal with your case sympathetically and with care and understanding of your needs and requirements.  In addition we shall obtain a lump sum compensation for a fatal accident claim to help with the financial debts and worry that often arise when a loved one is lost.  Nothing can bring back the loss of a loved one but we will be there with you to help you through the legal maze and paper-work.

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Posted: March 18, 2017 at 9:04 pm