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Health & Safety Commission Report (Fatal Accidents at Work)

The Health and Safety Commission (HSC) has provided a report for the number of fatal accidents for the years 2005/2006. The statistics reveal that there were 212 workers fatally killed in the United Kingdom the vast majority being in the construction industry. For further details click here.


In this report for 2005 ROSPRA reported:

On the Road

There were in Great Britain – 3,201 fatal road accidents, 271,017 road casualties, of which there were 28,954 non-fatal serious road accidents.


There was a total of 5,172 train accidents, accidents through the movement of railway vehicles and accidents on the railway.


There were 105 casualties caused by aviation accidents in UK airspace. Of these there were 27 fatalities.

Work Related Accidents/Injuries

There were 212 Fatal accidents, 160 employees and 52 self employed. Non-fatal major injuries to employees were 28,605, self-employed 1,251.

Schools & Children

Under HSE under RIDDOR there were 4 fatal accidents, and 8,367 non-fatal injuries.

Home & Leisure

In England & Wales fatal accidents in and around the home was 3,892.

Water Sports

In 2002 there was an estimated 21,935 non-fatal accidents and in 2003, 381 drownings recorded.


In 2004, there was 509 fatal accidents and 14,600 non-fatal accidents.

Department of Transport

The number of fatal road accidents in Britain for 2007, according to the Department of Transport, fell by 7% from 3,172 in 2006 to 2,943. The number of non-fatal serious injuries on the road were 30,720. There were 247,780 road casualties. The number of fatal accidents among car users were 1,431 and non-fatal serious injury accidents 11,536. The number of fatal accidents and non-fatal serious accidents involving children was 3,090, of those 1,899 were pedestrians, 121 children died on the roads. There were 644 pedestrian fatal accidents. Pedal cyclists fatal accidents fell from 146 in 2006 to 136 in 2007, serious non-fatal accidents rose by 6% to 2,428. There were 588 motorcyclists fatally killed, the number of fatal and non-fatal but serious accidents rose on the previous year to to 6,737. All motorcycle accidents was 1% higher at 23,459.

Durham County Council

On a smaller scale, Durham Council in in 2006 reported that there were 22 fatal accidents on the public highway as opposed to 35 in the previous year. Car passenger accident and injuries 500, fatal passenger injuries 3. Car driver fatal accident injuries were 4, motor cycle fatal accidents 6 and pedestrian fatal accidents dropped from 8 to 1.

Fatal Accidents In The Construction Industry

This publication looks into detail fatal accident causes and statistics into the construction industry.

Aviation Safety Statistics

The Civil Aviation Authority, there are 2 million regulated flights in the UK per annum. They conclude that air travel is still the safest form of transport. Worldwide rate of fatal accidents for public transport operators is now only 0.2 per million flying hours and the UK is among the world leaders in terms of its national safety record.

Farming, Forestry & Horticulture

The Health and Safety Executive in their report 2004/2005 recorded a total number of 47 fatal accidents in this industry, mixed farming being the worse activity where there were 22 fatalities.

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